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Game and Party Podcast

Nov 17, 2019

We cover the games Irish Gage, Crown of Emara, Space Team and Mega land. We start our new segment called the "Square Table".

Nov 10, 2019

We cover rude board gamers and how to handle them. We talk about Keymarket, Pret-a-porter, and Bus. We also have updates on our YouTube channel. 

Nov 3, 2019

We talk about the games Akrotiri, Arkwright and in the News we have, Tantrum Con 2020 in Spartanburg , SC, Asmodee Picks Up Lui-même,  CAH Cafe, Wingspan and Galilean Moons. Then we do a deep dive review of Scythe.

Oct 27, 2019

We interview Mike Young from Plan B games. We talk about Emperor's Choice, Essen,  Obscurio, Amazon Counterfeits, Horrible games, Power Grid, Grand Austria Hotel and
Brass: Birmingham. We also finish up our top 10 strategy games with our Top 10 strategy Games Finale.

Oct 20, 2019

In the Board Game news we cover, Zombicide 2nd edition, Medici The Dice Game, Fresco mega box and, Tiny epic dinosaurs. Then we continue our Top 10 Strategy Board Games Numbers 2 and 3. And we have our first censor beep!